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Green Miyagi

Texas Web Design Store

Web Design & Web Shop 

“The important thing to realize now is that your brand is an idea, a vision, and is conceptually what you desire in the world. Your website is both the metaphysical representation of your brand and the tangible aspect of it as well, and it is how you are defined in cyber-space. Quite literally, your website is your brand transformed onto the world-wide-web. Your website is one very substantial way others perceive your brand, and perception is reality. We take the website creation process as seriously as you do.” 

- Corey Lee Sargent, Green Miyagi

What Can We Do For You?

We can either do it for you, or we can provide the tools to do it yourself.

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Web Design

Built to primarily serve entrepreneurs or those new to online presentation.


  • Development

    We provide functional sites on 2 different building platforms for you to choose from.

  • Design

    Our unique designs are focused on creative, animated, and cool-looking websites.

  • e-Commerce

    Our optional e-store functionality allows your services or products to be sold on the internet.

First, Green Miyagi Texas Web Design Store builds custom-designed websites structured around your particular desires or needs. We do all the grunt work while you just talk about the idea of your website including any content you want it to contain. Otherwise, you can just chill tech-ache-free, or mosey on to do your own life things.

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Web Shop

Online store that offers a wide variety of do-it-yourself web products.


  • Domain Names

    Find your new address in cyber-space with a unique domain name.

  • Network Servers

    Select from server options including shared, dedicated, and others to meet your specific needs.

  • Web Hosting

    Build and maintain websites for others with multiple hosting options.

Second, we operate a web store selling online products ranging from domain names to almost anything else internet-related you can imagine. Web Shop products are D.I.Y. so those who desire to build & create can do that solo as well as giving us a break from our zero-gravity workspace. If you do it yourself well enough you may even usurp our position in cyber-space.


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Why Choose Us?

Or why to not choose us, and to choose otherwise.


More About Us

Learn more about Green Miyagi

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